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My eyes opened, the air had been sucked from the sky
A screaming pain in my jaw, but no life I could I remember
You know that feeling when you don’t know what you’re waiting for?
I heard a whisper in the wind, and he said “Son, you’ll see the world.”

And so I did (and so I did)
I broke the mountains and met the sun (I met the sun)

The waxing moon came down and walked amongst the trees
That’s when the beat of my heart changed forever
Open its chamber, the blood chants the name
The name of the nameless, the sound of the soundless

And when I got across the sea, they burned my body and bound my arms
But I’m not the type of guy to let that go unanswered
Consider yourself privileged! I would have ended you myself,
Had it not been for this sacred name on my bleeding heart
Now feel the weight of a hundred lives

Sita, Rama, Sita, fire and smoke are rising
The walls are falling all around me
Rama, Sita, Rama, unleash the dogs of war
Death is here on your front door
Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram!

I’ll burn your city down

The field is full of death, women cry into the night
But still the tide crowds around your walls
They say the devil has ten heads for good measure
If it were up to me I’d eat them all

And when he finally showed his face, fury etched in every line
He couldn’t keep the moon from waxing, finally a fight that wasn’t mine
Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram!


from Svaha, released January 15, 2013
Music by Joel Lambdin, Lyrics by Joel Lambdin and Nick Serr



all rights reserved


Resolution15 New York, New York

You are not what you think you are. You have the right to think for yourself. You have the right to see through your own lies, and the lies of others. You have a right to the Truth.

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