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I will have blood...

Blood! Break open your skull, open up your veins
Blood! In spates across my feet, against my face
Blood! There's not enough in the universe to overflow my tongue

Black! The stars are blotted out, clouds covering clouds
Black! Darkness vibrant, sonant in the roaring, whirling wind
Black! You are nothing, nothing is all, all is nothing

Kali, Kalimata! Fire in the heart, black o'ertake the mind
Kali, Kalimata! Can you hear the bells which remain unstruck?

Fire! Raining down like stones from the broken sky
Fire! Pulsing through my arms, pouring from my hands
Fire! Reclaim the night, usher you back to hell
Fire! The price is everything you have to give

From every drop of blood is sprung another snake
Each as terrible as the next
Tooth and writhing tongue devouring all you see
Every stroke brings on another
Thousand foes, and you think your dominance complete
But the shadow itself springs to life
Relieving the burden of your head
And sucking down every precious
Drop of blood you had relied upon
See your head in my hands
Watch your own body fall lifeless
Cower as the universe trembles before me
Die in fear as my dance destroys all creation
Not even Shiva...

Kali, Kalimata! Essence of the night, fire in the heart, black o'ertake the mind
Kali, Kalimata! Can you hear the bells which remain unstruck?

The stars are blotted out, clouds are covering clouds
It is darkness vibrant, sonant
In the roaring, whirling wind are the souls of a million
Lunatics just loosed from the prison house
Wrenching trees by the roots
Sweeping all from the path
The sea has joined the fray
And swirls of mountain waves, to reach the pitchy sky
A flash of lurid light reveals on every side
A thousand, thousand shades of death begrimed
Black scattering plagues, and sorrows dancing mad with joy
Come oh Mother, come!
For terror is thy name, death is in thy breath
And every shaking step destroys a world forever
Thou time, the all-destroyer
Come oh Mother, come!

Come oh Mother, come
Who dares misery love, and hug the form of death
And dance in destruction's dance, to him the Mother comes
To him the Mother comes


from Svaha, released January 15, 2013
Music by Joel Lambdin, Lyrics by Nick Serr, Joel Lambdin and Swami Vivekananda



all rights reserved


Resolution15 New York, New York

You are not what you think you are. You have the right to think for yourself. You have the right to see through your own lies, and the lies of others. You have a right to the Truth.

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